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The media regularly call attention to earth’s poor condition. Contamination of our planet is persive and already affects more than one aspect of our lives. Thus, all should be concerned about the sickly conditions of earth, how peoples live are affected and few factors that helps us to understand why our earth is not just mildly indisposed but, instead seriously ill.

The technological advances are helpful to man but it could be noted that every technological advance brings potential benefit and risk, some of which are easy to predict. Air pollution for example, the toxic waste excreted by industries is claiming lives of millions each year. Diesel and two-cycle engines are the biggest pollutant, producing large amount of very fine suspended particles, causing health problem like cancer. With a false sense of security, people have adopted the use of surgical mask, but it could be noted too that these waste are too tiny that it can enter the body through the air space.

Furthermore, Toxic chemicals are produced each year. Some of these chemical are sunk in the sea, some deposited in the oceans and others in the air. The widespread of cancer, liver problems and respiratory disease, can be traced from these chemicals. Sadly, every year more chemicals are produced with less or attention giving an their danger to health water being the basic need of man is being polluted despite warning from individuals and organizations, but the situation still look very bleak. Billions do not have access to safe drinking water and millions dying from water-related disease, especially in third world countries. The restless condition of the earth can be traced by noise pollution. Noise pollution comes from industries, vehicles and machines; Noisy environment have much impact on the living condition of children, high blood pressure and loss of sleep. Despite all reached agreement, the planets keep standing as if it is destined to become unfit too human habitation. Let that not be a yardstick for argument.

Besides all these, other haggling problems exist. Deforestation has been threatening earth and its environment. The tropical forest is disappearing every year. Certain plants and animal has disappeared and their economic advantage is lost forever. Lives saving medicine that are potential are disappearing. More so, the earth capacity to absorb carbondoixide is reducing and will cause global warming. I believe fishes and animals are not left out. Because of water pollution, millions of fishes are dying annually and other water habitat living uncomfortable and gradually disappearing, the animals are killed in millions for food and for raw materials for industries with no hope of replacing them. Animals like Elephants and Tigers are disappearing. In many regions of the earth. To complicate matters further, not everybody agree on how drastic the effect of pollution can be, but the effect is beyond the power of my word to express.

More so, when war struck, it is still an opportunity people use in ruining our planet earth rendering many homeless and living others dead. Children are mostly affected since they are deprived of education and good number hardly withstands the whether. To build a global planet were humans will enjoy must be seriously put into consideration. It is high time I join in campaign for betterment of our planet and joining the activist to environmental hot sports and they are attracting public attention to such matters as global warming, endangered species, and dangers of genetically modified animals. We are in real fix. Everyone knows that there is problem and something need to be done about it, but I know the earth is not destined to become unfit for human habitation. Doing our part in telling people to adjust in the way they handle the earth will go along way to improve matters. The earth creator is not limited like humans he used his wisdom in creating the earth. Many of the system he has made are automatic.

Everything is recycling at it best. No toxic pollution. We must learn to have such mental attitude.

In spite of the environmental gloom haggling the earth, we would like to think that it will survive. After all, it is our home and hopefully the home of our children and their children. Even now when pollution is stopped. The earth has shown a remarkable capacity to renew itself if the overloading of the earth with pollutant is discontinued, a wide variety of micro organism in water and soil can heal some of the damages.
Published: 2008-08-23

Author: emmanuel ugokwe

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