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Survival on Planet earth, Do we believe our time is threatened.

Do You Believe our Survival on Planet Earth is being threatened?

I feel we are looking at a particularly cynical time in the terms, of how we take for granted all the amazing benefits of nature. Damaging the seas with pollutions and darkening of the skies, it is an ongoing source of amazement to me that people seem to be oblivious of what they are doing to their environment, small things do make a difference and I feel if you can instill that idea into people, you can make a difference. Try to leave the place a little nicer than you found it, plant a tree, do something, pick up a piece of garbage. It would make a huge difference.

Global issues such as the conservation around the world, taking all problems under consideration the human mind is the key to our future. Whether they are problems of economics, international relations, science technology, medicines, or ecology, though these issues seems to be beyond anyone individuals capacity, where the problems begins and where the answer must first sought from within.

To say "I want a beautiful garden, we must first have a map or design in imagination and vision. Then that idea can be implemented and the external garden can materialize nothing at all in the planet earth is permanent. There is terrible possibilities to us all in many different ways if we do not take notice of the world around us. Losing the sacred view of nature, we are destroying the rule of life which was rooted in our beliefs.

Author: Barbara Haynes

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I am 55yrs old, mother of two wonderful girls, now days I am picking up writing and reading after many years of being on the side lines with illness. I have only been a computer owner for 18 months. Since my daughters married I have been trying to re-educate myself with my computer it has been hard work but I am enjoying myself especially looking up subects and doing research for myself. I also love my dogs 2 small chihuaha xbreed dogs.

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