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Weightless Universe

Universe has no weight. It was weightless in the beginning, if there was any, and is still the same. Weight is in fact nothing but physical separation. The one and two dimensional entities such as lines and pictures don’t have their own weight as they lack a separate existence. The three dimensional objects invariably have some weight since the third dimension lends them separate and independent existence, the definable spacetime. The moment they are separated from the continuous spacetime and measured, they are found to have some weight. A mountain has no weight of its own but if we lift a small piece of stone it has its weight. The force we apply to take it away from its position of weightlessness, imparts it weight. That is the reason the weight can always be determined in term of force. It is actually the counter- force needed to bring an object back to its position of weightlessness.

What we understand as gravity is actually this counter force. In this weightless universe every object tends to be weightless. The position of such weightlessness can be possible in the state of motion as well as being at rest. The table kept on floor is weightless when at rest but earth is weightless being in angular motion. Universe itself being weightless doesn’t or can’t allow weight. The motion of the bodies in the direction of weightlessness has been mistakenly defined as gravitational force.

The complete weightlessness is gained by complete merger of spacetime of two entities. A mountain has its spacetime fully merged with that of the earth hence has no weight. A stone thrown in the air gets its spacetime temporarily separated from that of the earth by application of force, hence gains weight and becomes force till it attains the normal position back. The force so applied can set an object into permanent state of weightless motion as the planets revolving around sun.

Any entity that has weight is bound to have a centre, implying the Law of Gravitation. At the same time for its separate existence, it must have at least one dimension less than its container. The universe has neither a centre nor a container (separate space), it must be then weightless.

Universe has its mass and no weight. This being true, gravity has to go. Weight is created only when the mass bodies are moved away from their weightless positions. That makes things happen in the universe, from shaking hands to meteors striking. The movements are due to weight, as weight is a disturbance in a weightless universe.


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