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Gravity- Knocked Out

What goes up comes down. This cardinal truth is the genesis of the idea of gravity .The force that pulls all things down to earth, the gravitational force, has also gravitated our thinking towards it right from the day it was conceived. Once this idea made home into our minds, the law of gravitation was an exercise to develop an equation to mathematically measure that force. It is abnormally normal that we don’t make an enquiry into the veracity of the established or axiomatic truths. It only happens when such truth fails to work. The truth of falling bodies is one such. Aero planes crash land partly on account of some human failure and partly due to non-failure of the truth of gravity. It may seem silly to the thinker himself to think that the objects of mass are not attracted to the earth.

Any good and correct theory developed within the parameters of given truth or truths will always work or is rather bound to work within the scope determined by those given truth/truths. The problem arises when such theory is not in sync with the larger or universal truth. I will emphasize here that if there is a universal truth then it is the ultimate theory of everything and nothing else than that. The wise have given it the name of God. The lesser mortals like me take it as a search of God and perhaps that is a more inconvenient way of worshipping. All other truths are parts or extensions of that truth. The gravitational theory as we know of today has bluntly refused to be a part or extension of the other established truths of quantum mechanics. The search for the final theory is stuck there.

Not to sound like predetermined demolisher of the Gravitational theory, I would start with the assumption that the gravity is very much there. It means that every object exerts force on another object along the direction of line joining them and that force is proportional to the product of masses of the objects and inversely proportional to the distance between them. This force cannot be observed between two smaller bodies as the same is almost negligible. Hence no one can say for surety that whether gravity is a phenomenon of only celestial bodies like earth, moon sun and galaxies or there is some small force of attraction in two planes flying in the air.

Otherwise also as all such smaller objects are already under the gravitational force of big objects ,such as planets, so net force between two such objects can never be measured effectively , even if it is there. Coming to the known regime of gravity, in context of our own earth, it is responsible for the solid objects as well as the sea water, to remain on the surface and not fly around or spill over as the earth moves fiercely into its rotational and revolutionary rounds. It also helps the surrounding atmosphere of earth, with its gaseous molecules, travel alongwith earth and not left behind in its orbital journey. Not like the journey of a train or a plane where the surrounding air is left behind with the speed.

If that is so then the precious question arises as to whether it is the atmosphere of the earth, the all contents of mass and energy in that spatial envelope travel with the earth or rather the envelope itself , the container, that is the spacetime of earth also move alongwith the earth. I am of the opinion and have made clear in my Mest theory that spacetime of the mass bodies is an integral part of them and hence inseparable. Since there is no independent existence of spacetime, it cant,therefore, be left behind. There is no such new spacetime available as far as Mest theory goes. The universe and so as our solar system would have been self-destructively chaotic if all cosmic bodies were going continuously into the spacetime that is not theirs.

It means that to keep the spacetime alongwith the mass, the gravitational force also has to work on space. If it is so then the law of gravitation itself goes for e toss since space has no mass of its own. But there is no denying the fact that the spacetime of earth is curved around earth. The earth, the sun or the galaxies cannot move further to and faster than their spacetime. They can, if we assume, then universe can never be explained with one ultimate law. It will then have at least two separate theories, one for its contents the mass/energy and the another for the container, the spacetime. The container has also to be the content to make the unification possible. That is what the theory of Mest says. The spacetime of all the objects of earth including its sole moon is the part of the spacetime of earth, the spacetime of all the members of our solar system alongwith the spacetime of sun itself defines the space time of sun. Thus it goes to the galaxies and then to the universe.

In this model of the universe, there is no requirement of a separate force of attraction to keep it bound together as there are no lines of demarcation to separate them. The continuity of spacetime and the inseparable bond it has with the objects of mass/energy leaves no space for an outside force like gravity. It is like separating the atoms of hydrogen and oxygen from a molecule of water and then prove an empirical relationship between them, the ratio of those atoms to compose water. Our law of gravitation is something like that. In fact most of our laws of physics have the limitation of being true within the parameters of given truths. Let us take the law of gravitation.


Back to my analogy of water and the gravity will come crashing down.
On the RHS we have separated the two constituents of mest. The mass of two bodies is divided by their spatial relationship. The distance i.e. the length if squared it becomes the area, meaning space. If we separate the two constituents of one entity ,there has to be a force which was binding them.

That is true for a wooden block and a molecule as well. This force can be always measured empirically. Gravity with this gets a body blow and falls, knocked out.

The apple falling on our head, the moon orbiting the earth and the earth alongwith its moon and other planets revolving around the sun are not having a pathway determined by the force of gravitation. It happens with the same law which keeps an electron in its orbit around the nucleus of an atom.

And the law that makes you put arms around the waist of your lover. You don’t just hug bodies you also take the spacetime in your arms.
While going to a railway station or on the passage of time, we may leave our footprints behind but our spacetime just goes with us. But unlike a cosmic body our mest is as limited as our mass and our space time is merged with that of the mother earth.


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