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Not Really Expanding Universe

Second only to thought, light is perhaps the most important and dependable source supporting the human quest for the ultimate truth. It is impossible to reach an empirical truth transcending the realm of light. The two limits are very well set by two most famous principles of modern theoretical physics. The principle of uncertainty doesn’t allow beyond a limit towards the small scale infinity while the theory of relativity limits the scope towards the big scale infinity. Light can’t pierce through to reach the truth without disturbing the reality of a particle making material infinity inaccessible. The limit towards the big scale infinity is fixed by the theory of relativity since nothing can travel faster than light, making spatial infinity out of the material reach.

If we believe that the universe is a complete entity governed by a complete theory, we have to then move forward with the given truth that the universe is not having two open ends, whether it is finite or infinite. A universe having two loose ends will not only be incomplete in it but also provides a scope of something existing beyond the universe. That is an unscientific and absurd proposition. A loose ended universe is an impossible universe. Universe may be evolving not really expanding but has to be complete at any of its stages of evolution. The universe is therefore finitely infinite extended between the limits of material and spatial infinity. For universe to not have loose ends these infinites have to definitely meet as in case of a circle.

Taking the mest as the building block of universe, we must know the pathway of construction to have a complete picture. The two infinities meet each other at every possible point of the universe. The pathway has to be therefore along the light as it is only the light that goes from the smallest particle to the vast space and vice versa. The universe is like a thread ball without the thread having two ends and the thread being in a quantized form, that means formless and thus not having a specific path. The light energy coming out of an atom and then from the source such as a star, goes in all directions, not in straight lines but along the geodesics. This is not because of the gravity. In fact, gravity is the product of straight thinking and we need to change that. There is nothing like straight in the context of universe .Straight is our sight, the human vision and our methods of measurement which are the bye-product of our vision. The photonic or quantum progression of light is not as straight as the human eyes or mind is equipped to observe.

In a model of universe described above there can’t be any straight lines since those always have loose ends. The small scale infinity deep down in a particle has to be curved like the large scale one if it is truly infinity. The energy originating from there has to travel along the circular path causing a spin, the universal spin. This spin makes the meeting of two infinities possible at all points and scales. This also makes the universe weightless. The spin is therefore down to the sub atomic particles and up above to the galaxies. Looking at the picture of a galaxy we get a better idea of this spin as well as the pathway of the universe.

We are in a weightless spinning universe which is continuously evolving. While observing this truth along the pathway of light it seems to be expanding. The light is not reaching us from billions of light years way along a straight line which we are measuring straight and thus finding an expanding universe.


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