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Earth Science September 12 2019

Scientists describe how 'upside-down rivers' of warm water break Antarctica's ice shelf

In findings published Wednesday in Science Advances, researchers from the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU Boulder) in Colorado and the College of Wooster in Ohio reported a new mechanism by which warm ocean currents erode the ice shelves along the coast of Antarctica, contributing to the planet's rising oceans.

"Warm water circulation is attacking the undersides of these...
Earth Science January 12 2019

Scientists report correlation between locations of Easter Island statues and water resources

A United-States-based team of scientists released findings on Thursday about the large statues that dot the island of Rapa Nui, also called Easter Island. The study, published on Thursday in PLOS One, employed quantitative spatial analysis to establish that the platforms, or ahu, built to support the Easter Island statues, or moai, are usually located near sources of drinkable water. This feeds into...