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· SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket blasts Elon Musk's personal Tesla into solar orbit
· Mysterious dimming of Tabby's star likely due to space dust, not alien superstructures, say scientists
· Astronomers report dwarf star with unexpectedly giant planet
· Peggy Whitson, record-breaking 'American space ninja', returns to Earth
· Sun's mood swings not so strange after all, say scientists
· Astronomers discover smallest known star
· Astronomers reveal discovery of the hottest gas giant exoplanet known yet
· Simulations show planet orbiting Proxima Centauri could have liquid water
· President Trump tells NASA to aim for Mars
· Final panel added to China's FAST radio telescope
· NASA's Juno spacecraft enters Jupiter orbit
· NASA releases first topographical map of Mercury
· NASA releases complete image of Pluto's crescent
· After Mars, NASA announces water ice on Pluto
· NASA announces water on Mars
· Soyuz TMA-08M launches to International Space Station, arrives in record time
· Expedition 31 crew members arrive at International Space Station
· Out of space in outer space: Special report on NASA's 'space junk' plans
· SETI Institute set to re-open
· Space Shuttle Endeavour launches for final time
· NASA celebrates 30th anniversary of first shuttle launch; annouces new homes for retired shuttles
· Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's spaceflight marks fifty years of human space travel
· First images received from orbit around Mercury
· Space Shuttle Discovery lands for final time
· Space Shuttle Discovery arrives at International Space Station
· Space Shuttle Discovery launches on final mission
· Moon water possibly originated from comets, data shows
· Expedition 26 crew blast off to space station
· Final launch of Space Shuttle Discovery delayed until at least Thursday
· Brazilian astronomers propose new model of our galaxy
· Remaining Expedition 25 crew launch to space
· China launches Chang'e 2 lunar probe
· New planet found in 'Habitable Zone'
· NASA's new space capsule to be ready for test flights by 2013
· Jupiter at its brightest in 47 years
· Technical troubles hold up International Space Station repairs
· Emergency spacewalks planned to fix International Space Station
· Northern lights may appear across Canada and northern U.S. late Tuesday night
· Astronomers discover largest star on record
· Rosetta spacecraft passes Lutetia asteroid
· South Korean Naro-1 space rocket explodes after take-off
· Men isolated to mimic Mars flight
· Large fireball observed after object strikes Jupiter
· SpaceX launches first Falcon 9 rocket
· Atlantis lands at Kennedy Space Center
· Nicolaus Copernicus buried again
· Space Shuttle Atlantis launches for the final time
· US unveils revived space exploration program
· Paleontologists reaffirm the cause of dino extinction
· Space shuttle Discovery cleared for Monday launch
· NASA flyby of Saturn moon Titan produces first image of liquid on another world
· Hubble telescope spots oldest galaxies ever seen
· Russia may delay launch of "Angara" rocket due to funding cuts
· NASA mission finds water on the Moon
· New ocean forming in African desert
· NASA completes successful test flight of new Ares IX rocket
· IBEX satellite releases first all sky map
· New ring discovered around Saturn, could explain dark side of its moon
· Indian lunar mission Chandrayaan finds water on moon
· Space Shuttle Discovery successfully lifts off on mission STS-128
· Extrasolar planet will most probably fall into its star
· Delayed Endeavour carries Japanese lab to International Space Station
· Space Shuttle Endeavour's launchpad struck by lightning delaying launch
· ESA launches largest commercial telecom satellite
· Saturn moon may contain liquid water
· NASA launches two space probes to the moon
· NASA cancels launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour
· Soyuz TMA-15 launches crew to International Space Station
· Space Shuttle Atlantis lands safely at Edwards Air Force Base
· ESA launches Herschel Space Observatory and Planck Satellite
· NASA launches Space Shuttle Atlantis
· Aurora Borealis caused by electrical space tornadoes
· Discovery of smallest exoplanet yields 'extraordinary' find
· Fireball lights up sky across Canadian prairies
· Space Shuttle Discovery successfully launches after a month of delays
· Rocket carrying NASA carbon dioxide satellite crashes into ocean
· New comet to be visible to naked eye for several days
· Launch of space shuttle Discovery delayed indefinitely
· UK firm gets ESA funding to ground test new jet engine for spaceplane
· North Korea says it's preparing to launch space program, denies preparations to test missile
· India's flag lands on Moon
· India's moon craft reaches final lunar orbit
· Indian spacecraft Chandrayaan-1 enters moon orbit
· Ariane 5 rocket launches Superbird 7 and AMC-21 satellites
· Proton rocket launches Prognoz satellite
· Kosmos-3M launches final SAR-Lupe satellite
· Zenit-3SL rocket launches Echostar XI satellite
· 40th Ariane 5 rocket launches ProtoStar-1 and Badr-6 satellites
· Ulysses spacecraft retires after 17 year mission
· First supernova seen during explosion breakout
· New stars found in Southern Cross
· NASA chooses Woomera, South Australia for rocket launch site
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