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· Healthy cloned monkeys born in Shanghai
· British surfers catch more than waves: Scientists find antibiotic-resistant bacteria
· Researchers report rapid formation of new bird species in Galápagos islands
· Researchers find preserving spotted owl habitat may not require a tradeoff with wildfire risk after all
· Scientists say excess cerebrospinal fluid may serve as early sign of autism
· Slow-cooking dinosaur eggs may have contributed to extinction, say scientists
· Scientists find dinosaur feathers preserved in amber
· Study estimates Earth has over three trillion trees
· Biologist Nick Bos tells Wikinews about 'self-medicating' ants
· What's eating you? US study highlights bedbug incest
· Scientists sequence small genome of a pest: spider mite
· 'Fascinating' and 'provocative' research examines genetic elements of bipolar, schizophrenia
· Study: Birds learn nest building
· DNA components found in meteorites
· Genetically modified dairy cows produce 'human milk'
· UK researchers discover first antibiotics originating from insects
· Researchers find moonlight influences owl monkeys' nocturnal activity
· Study suggests 'sleeping sickness' parasite mutated to evade immune system defences
· Plants may adapt faster to climate change than previously thought, new study shows
· Researchers discover last common ancestor of apes and monkeys
· Nurseries not harmful to children, says new UK study
· US scientist creates 'artificial life'
· Scientists improve cancer research techniques
· American botanist Lou Jost discovers world's smallest orchid
· New human HIV strain discovered in France
· Alzheimer's disease reversed in mice using caffeine
· Virgin lizard reproduces
· Mexican therapy increases survival of cervical cancer patients
· Study says nearly every species of animal engages in homosexual behavior
· Mexico presents first population-wide genome map for a Latin country
· Mushroom corals change from male to female and back again
· Pink elephant spotted in Botswana
· Asexual ants discovered
· Scientists say study proves chimps create termite gathering tools
· Endangered Luzon Buttonquail photographed alive by Philippines documentary
· Brain chemical Serotonin behind locusts’ swarming instinct
· 'Bigfoot' hunters claim to have found corpse of mythical creature in Georgia, USA
· First fertilised fish fossil found
· Bones of 'small-bodied humans' found in Micronesian cave
· German polar bear Knut turns one year old
· Genetically altered mice are "superathletes"
· 700 new forms of life discovered in Antarctic sea
· Genetically modified seeds got into New Zealand
· Giant camel bones found in Syria
· Chameleon snake discovered in Borneo
· Agriculture's impact on human evolution clarified
· Evolution may occur faster than once thought, scientists claim
· Australian researchers confirm stress makes you sick
· Ancient neanderthal protein sequenced
· Gene switch turns stem cells into cancer killers
· Bacteria thrive deep under sea floor
· AIDS 'super bug' diagnosed in New York
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